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Setting your 2016 Objectives You need to use your Goal Setting task in your Workday inbox for this, and all future Performance Reviews will be recorded in that system. MyLearning Performance remains in use for you to finish your 2015 end of year reviews.


Important Message about Competency Assessment - Competency self-assessment is no longer available in MyLearning. This feature will be available in Workday in future. You will continue to be able to view any assessments you completed in MyLearning in the ‘Completed Activities’ area of the system.



MyLearning is the one-stop shop for employee learning and performance in Rolls-Royce.  Authorised users from customers, suppliers and joint ventures can also use this site to access selected courses and content.

To get started put your ID and password in the box opposite.  If you can't remember your ID or password use the links under the sign-in box to get a reminder. (YOU MUST HAVE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS SET-UP IN WORKDAY – YOU MAY NEED TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL HRSSC)

Once signed in you can:

  • Search the course catalogue

  • Register for scheduled training courses

  • Take online courses and resources

  • *Complete an online performance review










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