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My Learning News - Updated 8th Feb

From Sunday 30th November you will be required to reset your Security Question and Answer when you next login to MyLearning. During the recent MyLearning upgrade some users' password reset credentials were invalidated. In an effort to resolve the issue we have removed all current questions and answers and are requiring all employees to update their security questions and answers. If you see an error message when setting your security question then you need to clear your temporary files - see instructions here. Should you continue to have issues with completing this process please contact your local HRSSC. Translations available here

Some users still experience an issue with a black screen. You can still view content on this screen by highlighting the entire screen (dragging the mouse pointer from the upper left corner down to the lower right corner). Also, refreshing your browser window by pressing the F5 key will usually re-load the screen correctly. If you continue to see this please follow the instructions on the link below to clear all your temporary files – see guide here.

Please click here for more details on what has changed in the upgrade

An overview of the new version and changes is available here.


MyLearning is the one-stop shop for employee learning and performance in Rolls-Royce.  Authorised users from customers, suppliers and joint ventures can also use this site to access selected courses and content.

To get started put your ID and password in the box opposite.  If you can't remember your ID or password use the links under the sign-in box to get a reminder. (YOU MUST HAVE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS SET-UP IN SAP – YOU MAY NEED TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL HRSSC)

Once signed in you can:

  • Search the course catalogue

  • Register for scheduled training courses

  • Take online courses and resources

  • *Complete an online performance review

  • *Assess yourself against the competency profile for your role










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